Priority Systems® uses the PriorityPath® process as a tool to conduct Strategic Risk Management and Mission Alignment projects to solve organizational needs.  These systems analyses processes have their roots in Risk Engineering.  Specifically, they are a refinement of concepts developed in the aerospace industry for ensuring system safety.  They facilitate rigorous analysis of organization needs. Clients have referred to us as the "Organization Doctors" with a specialty in assessing, redesigning and implementing effective human systems.  Projects have been used to develop Strategic Action Plans, solve human resource concerns, improve productivity and profitability and other critical organizational areas that are dependent upon people.. Experience has shown that whether the issues are mechanical, joint human/mechanical or purely human in nature, PriorityPath® is an appropriate technology for ascertaining the critical nature of organizational issues.

PriorityPath® is the process by which Priority Systems® often works with clients to reconcile system directions with critical needs within appropriate planning structures/programs.

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