Jon D. Stephens and Bryant L. Stringham

Jon D. Stephens, B.Sc. (Mathematics)

Jon D. Stephens' experience in system development and execution is extensive.  His undergraduate degree is in Mathematics and he has taken considerable post graduate work in the field of Operations Research.  From July 1964 to January 1966, he was a reliability analyst for the Kenetics Corporation, Solana Beach, California.  While there he served as head of the Reliability Department responsible for all "Failure Mode and Effect" analyses.  His assignment included the gathering of data and use of advanced statistical techniques related to loss prevention.

From February 1966 to September 1967, Jon was a System Safety Engineer at the Boeing Company in Seattle, WA.  While there, he was responsible for the development of advanced mathematical formulas used in resolving complex systems analysis techniques, including development of the technique and of the mathematical proofs for Fault Tree Analysis.  He was responsible for gathering, interpreting and using statistical data on large aerospace programs, such as the Minuteman Missile System.  His responsibilities included development of an advanced analog computer to solve complex fault trees.  Later on, he was responsible for performing statistical analysis on employee systems.  He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Washington on the Lambda Tau method to quantify Fault Trees.  His publications include:

  "Consideration of the Life Support System," 4th Annual Safe Symposium, San Diego, CA

  "Systems Safety Using Monte Carlo Methods in Fault Tree Analysis," The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA

  "Lambda Tau or Constant Repair Method for Fault Tree Analysis," The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA (This is the definitive paper on Fault Tree Analysis which is still used extensively in the nuclear and aerospace industries)

Since early in 1970, Jon has been involved in the development and use of PriorityPath® and its predecessors, which are an outgrowth of his Systems Engineering background.  He has managed numerous applications of the system.


Bryant L. Stringham, Ph.D. (Ed. Admin.)

Bryant L. Stringham spent 24 years as an educator, holding positions as a teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, Superintendent of Schools and Senior Director of Field Services in the Alberta Department of Education.  During this time he rewrote the Alberta School Act, held a variety of responsibilities in the Education Department and completed Masters and Ph.D. Degrees in Educational Administration.

While Director of Field Services, his staff was responsible for ensuring that the School Boards in the Province remained financially viable and that every classroom in every school was teaching the prescribed curriculum effectively.  His office was responsible for supervising the curriculum and business management inspectors for the entire Province.

Since leaving government in 1979, Dr. Stringham has used PriorityPath® analysis and its predecessors to resolve complex problems in hundreds of applications with clients in government, education and industry. Dr. Stringham's publications include:

  "An Analysis of Factors Affecting Per Pupil Costs of Instructional Supplies in Selected Alberta School Systems," University of Alberta, 1966

  "The School Act, 1970: A Case Study of Public Policymaking in Education," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Alberta, 1974, continues to be used as a university textbook.

  "Education and Culture," in Recent Laws in Canada , Dr. Kos Rabcewicz-Zubkowski, Ed., Iris Publications: Montreal, 1974

  "The Ten Provinces: Masters of Education," in Politics of Education Bulletin, Vol. 7, No. 2, Eugene, Oregon, 1977