Mission Alignment MissionAlignBrochure.pdf

This brochure provides an overview of the use of the PriorityPath® process in circumstances where the interest of clients is to determine and prioritize the issues and factors upon which their success depends.  Clients have variously referred to this application as Organizational Assessment, System Review, Failure Avoidance and Strategic Assessment and  Planning.


Risk Management RiskMgtBrochure.pdf

This brochure describes the PriorityPath® process as it is used in Risk Identification, Risk Analysis and Risk Management applications.  In addition to listing possible risks, PriorityPath® provides the platform upon which preventive and/or remedial action can be taken to remove or reduce the impacts of the risks that are identified.


Client and Application List  ClientandApplication.pdf

This document gives a more comprehensive listing of clients and projects undertaken than given in the body of this Website.


Recent Letters of Recommendation Recommendations.pdf




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