Priority Systems ® offers unique services to the marketplace. It assists organizations to assess the areas within its market scope and/or operational theaters that are in need of attention.  It identifies needs, establishes priorities among them and focuses concentrated attention upon resolution of those issues that have the potential to interrupt progress toward corporate and institutional goals.  Some have referred to Priority Systems® as the "Organizational Doctor."  Its Integrated PriorityPath ® process, whether used for Risk Management or Mission Alignment, diagnoses and fixes organizational concerns.

Priority Systems ® is a unique, independent, management consulting and applied technologies firm.  It uses the latest cutting-edge technology to help good organizations become better and struggling organization to become good.  It offers programs that are an innovative alternative and supplement to Risk Management, Continuous Improvement, Total Quality Management, Reengineering and Empowerment processes for organizations. 

Priority Systems ® uses state-of-the-art analytical systems derived from Risk Engineering processes developed in the aerospace industry.  The Integrated PriorityPath ® process identifies actual and potential risks, measures priorities and implements risk mitigation activities in accordance with the judgments of those who are most affected by existing conditions. The process creates internal focus -- focusing both people and resources upon accomplishing missions, goals and objectives.  It identifies controls and eliminates resisting forces, barriers and inhibitors, thereby enabling people in organizations to obtain maximum benefits from their efforts to achieve success.  PriorityPath ® analyses produce results that are immediately actionable.

For Instance:

  A Workers' Compensation agency recovered an accumulated deficit of $650 Million in twenty-three months. Its current fees are among the lowest in North America.

  An off-shore government, after four years of delay, implemented a Wholesale Electricity Marketing program within four months of conducting an analysis.

  Consistent improvements in productivity and profitability have occurred with clients worldwide, one of which increased revenues by $2.25 Million per day and several that developed and successfully implemented strategic initiatives to meet the challenges of the new century.

  A large mining complex reduced incidents and accidents by 70% over four years.

The PriorityPath ® process identifies and analyzes known risks, as well as providing a framework for insightfully anticipating hidden risks.  It creates a structure within which positive risk mitigation activities are initiated to reduce both the incidence and severity of risks.  This "sole source" methodology is recognized by industry and government agencies around the world. Priority Systems® has adapted risk management tools to handle risks that arise from errors in Human Judgments which are often the most critical. 

Priority Systems ® processes initiate the human actions needed to overcome the negative impacts that would occur if the risks were left unmanaged. The Principals of the Company have more than 56 years of experience in senior public and private organizations and have been consulting associates for the past 20 years Our clients include large to small private and public corporations, government departments and agencies, the military, schools and school systems in many countries. They include organizations which provide such services as the following:



National Security



Health Care




Environmental Management










Education at all levels




Computer Services






Programs have dealt with implementation of processes in such areas as the following:



Project Management


Operations Review


Organizational Assessment and Restructuring


Industrial Plant Startup


Conflict Resolution


Strategic Planning


Incident Prevention


Improved Efficiency/Effectiveness


Down Sizing


Total Loss Management


Safety (OSHA) Standards


Reengineering, Empowerment


Workforce Planning


Provision of Priority Services



In several instances, results of projects have produced financial gains of hundreds of millions of dollars. A Partial Client List and a list of Typical Projects appear in other sections of this Website. Further information can be obtained by contacting us via email at the following address: