General Benefits

Among many specific benefits, clients have noted the following general areas of improvement:

The PriorityPath ® process maximizes the contributions of both internal personnel and external experts.  It avoids the problems that arise when external consultants observe and then prescribe remedial action in operations about which they have limited familiarity.  It accurately measures the degree of seriousness of the entire range of critical issues that are perceived by both internal people and external experts.  For the first time, decision makers have access to mathematically-precise profiles of the priority concerns of all the people who have intimate knowledge of the issues.  They know precisely where surprises, deficiencies and problems are expected to occur.  This permits early alignment action to be taken, ensuring that people and resources are aligned with objectives and missions, thereby strengthening the implementation of plans and preventing serious consequences from occurring.

The cost benefits of prevention frequently are substantial.  As clients initiate action to address each priority, quantum improvements in effectiveness, efficiency and working relationships typically occur.

The floundering and plateaus that frequently limit effectiveness of Quality and Continuous Improvement programs are generally overcome, permitting renewal and rejuvenation of the original effort.  Alignments can be made without the need to change those features of existing programs that are currently operating satisfactorily.

Many hidden resisting forces and critical issues become visible, thereby directing attention toward ensuring that all relevant factors are properly aligned.

Projects have assisted clients in both government and industry to reorganize, to ensure that scope of programs is aligned with available funds, and to ensure that actions taken are aligned with missions, objectives and goals.

Morale improves as personnel at all levels become involved in determining priority concerns and removing them.

Specific Benefits

     A reduction in incidents by more than 40% was achieved by conducting Daily Dependability Meetings, based on the findings of a PriorityPath® project.

    -  The need for improved radar coverage in the Bay of Fundy was substantiated through use of a PriorityPath® project.  The objective was to ensure that an incident similar to the Valdez disaster never occurs off the coasts of Maine/New Brunswick/Nova Scotia.

    -  Operations in Medical Clinics and hospitals have been streamlined and costs have been reduced as a result of PriorityPath® projects.

    -  More economical operation of many government departments has been achieved through use of Strategic PriorityPath® projects..

    -  Many Schools and School Systems have focused collective efforts of staff, parents and students upon increasing the levels of student achievement.

    -  Implementation of a wholesale electricity market in New Zealand was accomplished by addressing the priority concerns exposed in a PriorityPath® project.

    -  On two occasions, daily cash flows in a large oil refinery were increased by more than $2,000,000 per day.

    -  Profits of a major airline were increased by $34,000,000 in the eighteen months following the report of a PriorityPath® project.

    -  The 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, achieved its financial goals partly because of the two PriorityPath® projects that defined and confined risks to the reporting systems and the ticketing operation.  Profits to date are estimated at up to $250,000,000.

    -  Planned expenditures in excess of $40,000,000 were avoided by a large multinational corporation when it became evident that the company could not overcome the political barriers uncovered by a PriorityPath® project.

    -  A $1.2 billion construction project was kept on schedule and on time by systematically addressing the priority potential impediments disclosed by a PriorityPath® Project.

    -  Using PriorityPath® , a Strategic Plan was developed which enabled one of America's largest Public Housing agencies to emerge from HUD's Troubled Housing List.

    -  The accident rate in a mine was reduced by 40% following a PriorityPath® project.  The savings in insurance premiums, in lost days and in manpower replacement costs were substantial.


Process And Performance Improvement Results

In addition to the many measurable financial savings that PriorityPath® projects typically provide, there are spinoffs such as better communication, cooperation, commitment and coordination between and among various groups (including unions) within the clients' organization as well external persons and groups with which there is an interface; greater commitment to the organization's goals; improved morale; increased understanding of the total organizational picture; and provision of a solid rationale to proceed with necessary changes as quality improvement principles become internalized.  These process benefits have been considered to be worth at least as much to clients as the monetary benefits, for it is in these organizational, climate and cultural changes that the most lasting effects are achieved.




 "It eliminated the surprises we usually experience in major construction projects."

 "I have never seen a more effective method of resolving serious conflicts within an organization."

  "The final product was so well documented that there was absolutely no argument from any party about the findings." Dr. J.D. Harder, Board Member, Canadian Food Grains Bank.

  "The response from the General was excellent. He publicly congratulated ... on a first rate report and presentation stating that it was a standard that he would commend to other members of his staff." Lt.Col. H.C. Weddell, Director, NZ Army Resource Policy.

  "The in-depth information gathering, the knowledge used to create a cooperative, meaningful liaison between factions, complemented by a comprehensive final report, verified our confidence in the selection of this firm. I would strongly endorse the use of this procedure to business and community groups alike." Alderman Les Pears, City of Calgary.

  "I would personally recommend your organization and your analysis techniques to anyone who is attempting to establish a program to resolve any complex set of issues similar to those with which we were challenged with at Twin Butte." G.W. Stephens, Manager, Foothills Operations for Shell Canada.

  "I believe this procedure to be a valuable tool in assessing the corporate milieu in that it provides an ability to differentiate and define the relationship between organization symptoms, and more generic causal issues." David H. Rehill, Executive Director, Alta Recreation and Parks.

  "I would suggest that if the Defendant could show that he had taken all reasonable steps to reduce or eliminate hazards (through use of these procedures) that Courts would be much less likely to impose punitive damages, and the potential exists in those circumstances that the quantum of regular damages could be reduced as well." John A. Thompson, Barrister.

" experience (is) that their analytical system produces actionable results in ways that I have not experienced with any other analytical approach." Gary Holden, Chairman and CEO, EnSource Energy Services Inc





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